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  • New! NYSED’s Public release of 2018 Cohort 2022 Total Cohort Graduation Rate

    Posted On: 02/06/2023

    The public release of the 2018 Total Cohort Graduation rate and the 2022 High School Pathways to Graduation Data are available on their public data site.  As a reminder, the High School Graduation Rate public data site defaults to August graduation rates, but users can filter to see June graduation rates.

    o   SIRS 201- Total Cohort Summary and SIRS 203 Total Cohort Career Pathways Summary for school year 2021-22 are the source of this data. 

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  • 2022-23 Verification of the Identification of Migrant Eligible children

    Posted On: 03/10/23

    • To ensure Migrant eligible children have been accurately identified and served during the 2022-2023 school year, NYSED is requiring each school district verify students coded as Migrant-eligible in its student information management system against an official list of students that have been issued Certificates of Eligibility (COE) for participation in the Migrant Education Program (MEP)
    • Staff members from NYSED’s regional Migrant Education program office will be contacting district CIO’s by telephone or email by Friday, March 31, 2023 with specific instructions on how to complete this data reconciliation process.
    • For more information, please refer to the 2022-2023 SIRS Migrant Student Data Reconciliation Memo in the SIRS Documents section of our webpage.



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  • The 2020-2021 Student and Educator Report has been released

    NYSED has made the 2020-21 Student and Educator report publicly available at their public data site The Student and Educator Report provides information to the public about students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch; student attendance and suspensions; and school/district average class size, staff counts, and teacher attendance and turnover. New this year and moving forward,  the reporting of student primary instructional modality has been added. 

    State Reporting
  • Archived Announcements 2022 - 2023

    Please see the below document for Archived Announcements:

    State Reporting
  • 20221028: NYSED Update: Change to the Start Date on Type of Disability Extract

    Dear Colleagues,

    We want to make you aware of a change NYSED made recently to the Start Date on the Type of Disability extract. 

    Prior guidance stated the start date on the Type of Disability record reported to SIRS was the date when services began.  NYSED has clarified that rather than reporting the date when services began, the Start Date on the Type of Disability record should begin immediately after the date after the student was found eligible.   The 0011 enrollment and Type of Disability must be aligned and are reported whether or not children are receiving services.  This will eliminate the gap in enrollment sometimes seen in SIRS when students are awaiting placement. 

    NYSED has communicated this change to Frontline IEP and other Special Ed Management systems, and we have been notified that Frontline has implemented the change.

    This change applies to both Preschool and School age students, but the effect will be most noticeable in L0 with overlapping errors for preschool age students if enrollment and Type of Disability start dates don’t align. 

    More information will be forthcoming shortly from our team on best practices and examples for reporting enrollment records for these students. 

    Frontline has also posted a message to their Message board about this change. 

    Please review with those in your district responsible for maintaining cpse/cse enrollment records.



    State Reporting
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