This state-mandated service is necessary for the transfer of data from public schools districts to the state data repository. It allows districts to be compliant with the demands and timelines established by the State Education Department. This service supports districts in the quest to:

  • Report data to all levels of the State Data Warehouse that is complete and accurate.
  • Assign each student a unique 10-digit NY ID allowing assessment information to be continuously linked when students move within New York State.


  • APPR- Independent Evaluator Hardship Waiver due

    This is an annual submission  done via the SED Monitoring section of the NYSED Portal.

    The waiver applications must be approved by February 1st in order to be applicable for this school year.


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  • Staff Snapshot/Staff Assignment due for Non-Teachers

    Non-teaching Staff Snapshot and Staff Assignment data due to L1  by 2:30 for PMF reporting

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  • ePMF data Certification due in TAA system

    ePMF data Certification by Superintendent in TAA system

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  • 2nd Data extract BEDS Enrollment/FRPL/ELL

    Load BEDS Enrollment, FRPL, ELL data to L1 by 2:30pm for 2nd extract of BEDS data for State Aid.

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  • CIA/SCEE due to L1

    Course Instructor Assignment / Student Class Entry Exit data due to l1 by 2:30 for Parallel ePMF reporting.  Data should continue to be reported until August.

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    Level 0 Historical Open

    Modified On: 12/19/19- The Level 0 Historical application will open for updating 18-19 school year data January 27th, 2020.   Please be reminded that users will need to log into Level 0 Historical using their SEDDAS user names and passwords.  Account provisioning for SEDDAS systems can only be done through the Superintendent's account. 

    Link to Level 0 historical:

    Link to SEDDAS Quick Guide for Entitling users:

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    Staff Data Reminder

    Posted On: 12/19/19

    e-PMF forms will be locked and teachers will not be able to make changes on December 20th, 2019 

    Administrators can review the forms and make corrections as needed up until certification on February 14th

    -ePMF Guidance and FAQs:



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    2020-21 Release of the NYSED Course to Certification Crosswalk

    Posted On: 11/19/2019   Beginning in the 2020-21 school year, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) will be utilizing a new crosswalk to map the 1,900 State-approved course codes to nearly 1,000 State certification titles contained in the NYSED TEACH database.  See attached memo.

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  • CRDC Reporting Update

    Posted On: 10/16/2019  

    The Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) is a mandatory collection that takes place every other year.  The next collection is tentatively scheduled to open in the winter of 2021 for the 2019-20 CRDC (there is no 2018-19 CRDC). Districts will be notified over the summer of 2020 as to when the data collection will open.  The anticipated data entry will follow a few months later.


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  • 2019-20 Guidance on reporting Pre-K in SIRS

    Posted On: 09/19/2019  Please see memo with chart for reporting 2019-20 Pre-K in SIRS under SIRS Documents.

    - Important to note: Effective July 1, 2019 the state Pre-K grants listed in the memo have been consolidated and should be reported as Universal Pre-K with program service 902: Universal Pre-K

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  • Archived Announcements

    Please see the below document for Archived Announcements:

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