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  • Provided our partner vendors are working, we will continue to provide updates  to Project BOMs and to NPPR orders and process requisitions.  Purchase Orders will be issued by SWB and emailed to vendors by the procurement team per the normal process.
  • We will be available to participate in Project Meetings virtually as needed.
  • We will continue to work on the 20-21 eRate forms and filings remotely.
  • We will be available remotely to assist with any licensing issues in support of our Vertical Teams and support staff. 
  • We will be available remotely to continue to update the districts RFS as changes come in.


Susan Krog
T: (914) 922-3296


  • Procurement Services

    Procurement Services include the purchase of hardware and software in support of school district technology goals and objectives. The LHRIC also processes upgrade requests through the Automated Online Procurement system. Procurement Services supports other Internal Departments in processing School District hardware and software orders. The department works to ensure the proper purchasing channels are in place to meet district needs. Purchases may be funded via many funding sources; Installment Purchase Agreements (IPAs), General Funds, SSBA, Race to the Top, eRate. Procurement Services maintains inventories of contracted annual software and hardware renewals.

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