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  • Financial Management Software

    The LHRIC supports both Finance Manager’s FM2000 and the new nVision software which provides business offices with the ability to manage financial, human resources and other business operations. The LHRIC service provides initial and ongoing training, workshops, user groups, telephone and when applicable on-site support, a financial helpdesk, and meetings with TRS, ERS and the IRS. The software can be hosted at the LHRIC or at the District running Windows Server. The LHRIC provides a comprehensive Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan in our generator powered facility. Data is also backed up to an offsite Regional Information Centers located elsewhere in the state.

    Disaster recovery can be initiated at these other locations depending on the nature and extent of the emergency. Finance Manager provides payroll, human resources, negotiations, budget projections, remote requisitioning, purchasing, accounts payables and receivables, bidding, general ledger, time management revenue, GASB34 reporting modules, report writing capabilities and interface with Excel. Finance Manager allows for software interfaces to Omni and AESOP. A module allows for electronic timekeeping via devices that use fingerprint recognition using a mathematic algorithm to record time, which interfaces with the payroll module. A new WEB based employee self-service portal is being launched this year.



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Facilities Management Software

The LHRIC has partnered with CapProSoft, to offer LHRIC hosted, web based products. The LHRIC provides a redundant, fault tolerant environment for the following products:

CPPRT, a web based application that enables districts to track and report on all aspects of their capital projects on a multi-year basis and provides a complete audit trail and history of the entire project. It is unique in addressing capital projects in conjunction with NY State Education Department of Facilities Planning requirements including the Final Building Project Report. CPPRT allows districts to institute strong fiscal controls, maintain and archive project records and generate timely reports, all assisting the district to sustain community support and trust.
FAST, which provides the school’s leadership team with a central database of facilities infrastructure, building types, and health/safety issues, inventory of major systems, site conditions, and fire inspection information. FAST is designed to assist in meeting the mandated Comprehensive Public School Building Safety Program (CPSBSP) and associated reports such as Building Condition Survey, Annual Visual Inspection, School Facility Report Card and Five-Year Plan. FAST also provides a district with the ability to develop a comprehensive long-range facilities plan that may serve as a foundation for future capital projects.