For questions related to the RIC One API integrations, please use the Service Now portal for submission of issues. 

The RIC One API team will be working with the Student Services team to resolve issues related to RIC One API Integrations.

Please use this link to  submit a request:  https://lhric.service-now.com/ess/main.do

Enhancements to the RIC One Data Privacy and Security Service

Beginning with the 2020 School Year, the LHRIC will be offering additional levels of support for district compliance with Ed Law 2-d and Part 121 Regulations. 

DPO Mentoring

CoSer 611

Working side by side with district data privacy teams, the LHRIC will provide mentoring and guidance to help districts develop internal capacity to meet the requirements of Ed Law 2-d and the Regulations.

Participation in RIC One DPSS is required.

DPO Support

CoSer 611 

The goal is to provide assistance with the requirements of Ed Law 2-d and the Regulations based on district needs. A school district administrator retains the official title and authority of the DPO with the LHRIC performing routine functions and support.

Participation in RIC One DPSS is required. Availability is limited.

Digital Digest & Blasts

Digital Digests - Quarterly newsletters on the topic of data privacy and security with current information, effective strategies, best practices, and leadership resources.

Digital Blasts – Timely information as it occurs to keep districts informed of the latest developments in the field.

Tools & Resources icon

Digital Debrief

D3—Digital Digest Debrief – Deep dive webinar on a featured topic from the Digital Digest.

Periodic webinars and interviews with industry leaders on topics related to data privacy and security. 



Interview with Linnette Attai, Founder of Playwell LLC.


Software Inventory Tool

This tool enables districts to compile a list of their software inventory as well as links to third-party vendor’s software Privacy Policies and Notices thus enabling districts to comply with provisions of the New York State’s Parents’ Bill of Rights. Over 800 products are currently included in the database, and districts may submit requests for additional products.

Districts still retain responsibility to review vendor contracts. 

Professional Development

Web-based data privacy and security awareness training that follows a structured outline, including a formal assessment and printable certificate of completion.

Additional materials for instructor-led professional development are also available.