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Computer Based Testing 21-22 News and Updates

New York State is transitioning to computer-based testing (CBT) for the ELA/Math 3-8 exams and has already for NYSAA!

If your district / school is interested in giving Computer Based Tests and you have any questions about it please feel free to give our department a call.   914-922-3001

New! LHRIC CBT Q & A Panel Webinar Recording and resources

Watch the LHRIC CBT Q & A Panel Webinar here

News and Update Emails

We send out emails as we receive new information from NYSED about CBT.  If you would like to receive these emails please click here  to let us know. 

See our previous emails below for the 2021-22 School Year. 

Steps For Particpation

  • Online Requests for CBT Operational and SAFT (10/1/21 to 12/10/21)
  • Participate in all webinars provided by NYSED
    • Simulation webinar (11/9/2021 - 10am)
  • Practice tests can be given to students at any time via the secure browser or via the web

21-22 CBT Simulation

For the 2021-22 school year, there will be only ONE CBT Statewide Simulation.

  • Simulation Period: 01/10/22 to 01/14/22
  • Simuation Webinar:11/9/2021-10am

The simulation is mandatory. It is is an opportunity for school staff to evaluate the readiness of their school's internal systems, hardware, and school testing procedures for CBT.

Participation in the Simulations prior to testing affords teachers and students the opportunity to practice and strengthen their familiarity with Questar's testing platform that mimics the actual testing environment.

Operational CBT schools must participate in the Statewide CBT Simulations.

NYSED will be using real student data for the simulation,therefore student login ticket may not be generic as compared to previous years.

If you missed the webinar, you may view the presentation notes via this link: Notes from CBT Simulation Webinar


Deadlines/Trainings 21-22

  • 11/9/21:Simulation Webinar
  • 11/24/21: Deadline to load simulation data via level0/level1
  • 12/10/21: Deadline to submit exam request via NYSED portal
  • 12/30/21: Deadline to submit Technology Readiness Checklist
  • 01/10/22 to 01/14/22: Statewide CBT Simulation - Makeup Dates 1/19 & 1/20
  • 2/10/22: Operational CBT ELA program service and demographic data due to L2
  • 3/10/22: Operational CBT Math program service and demographic data due to L2


21-22 Operational Test Dates

ELA CBT Operational Test Dates

  • 3/29/22 to 4/5/22: Administration Dates
  • 4/1/22 to 4/8/22:  Make-Up Dates
  • 4/1/22 to 4/13/22:  Scoring Dates

Math CBT Operational Test Dates

  • 4/26/22 to 5/4/22: Administration Dates
  • 4/29/22 to 5/9/22: Make-Up Dates
  • 4/29/22 to 5/12/22:   Scoring Dates

NYSAA CBT Operational Test Dates

Monthly Events Calendar for CBT 2021-22 School Year