District Account Managers

About Account Managers

Account Managers are assigned for every school district within our three county BOCES region. The Account Manager is responsible for making regular contact with the key individuals in each district thereby providing a main point of contact for communication with the LHRIC. The Account Manager actively listens to district needs and concerns and follows up with appropriate personnel at the LHRIC. The Account Manager also proactively delivers guidance and pertinent technology information to district leadership. One of the most important functions of the Account Manager is to guarantee the quality of LHRIC services by monitoring service delivery standards. This configuration provides schools with:

  • A clear method of communication with the LHRIC through a single point of contact
  • A guarantee of quality service through regular monitoring and follow up
  • An informed guide to LHRIC services and related issues
  • A resource for informal planning, guidance and sharing of pertinent information

The Account Managers report to the LHRIC Executive Director but maintain regular contact with BOCES District Superintendents and/or their designees. The position is financially supported on a proportional basis by all LHRIC services and is not self-supporting.

Account Managers' responsibilities include: project requests, quality assurance, contract/billing issues, new service inquiries, technology overviews, district advocacy, marketing services, single point of contact, and communications.