793 Plan & CoSer Regulations

LHRIC 793 Plan

The Lower Hudson Regional Information Center has submitted its 793 Plan for technology services to NYSED.

The LHRIC Advisory Committee, composed of district and BOCES representatives from each of our three counties, meets on a regular basis to assist the LHRIC in planning for the future. This group helped develop a comprehensive strategic plan for the LHRIC. Additionally, the LHRIC hosts annual meetings to help determine consortium “Priorities and Directions.” Feedback from these meetings is incorporated into the 793 Plan.

The LHRIC and it's regional partners are committed to the following areas of growth and improvement: 

  • Data for Decision Making
  • Remote Technology Support
  • Video Conferencing and Online Learning
  • Instructional Technology Integration via Model Schools
  • Security Consulting and Remediation
  • Centrally Hosted ASP Offerings

For complete details, please review the entire 793 Plan.