Facilities Management & Forecasting Services

Facilities Management & Forecasting Services

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 The LHRIC offers several services to support school districts who may need support with facilities and operations management, capital expense projection and tracking, as well as cost forecasting modeling software. For facilities and operations management, we support: School Dude, CapPro Soft & Master Library

For capital expense projection, we offer: Forecast5 & CapPro Soft

Forecast5  provides visibility into forecasting and projection and can be implemented to support your district. CapPro Soft software provides capital expense projection tracking and statistics. 

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SchoolDude provides solutions to streamline all areas of your operations such as, maintenance/energy management, facility usage, and technology management. With LHRIC support, SchoolDude products automate the work order process, monitor inventory usage, schedule preventive maintenance, simplify facility usage scheduling, and track technology assets on a global view of district operations to improve communication with all departments/faculty. (SchoolDude is owned by Brightly Software)  Learn more about SchoolDude >


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Cap Pro Soft is a software program that aims to provide New York State schools with their Cap Pro Project to meet districts' reporting needs/requirements.  Learn more about CapProSoft >


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Forecast5 is a data analytic service designed to bring New York State schools and NYSASBO together. With various data sets such as BEDS, ST-3, and Report Card data, Forecast5 delivers a Business Intelligence model to schools statewide, allowing district officials to spend time analyzing. (Forecast5 is now part of Frontline)  Learn more about Forecast5 >


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MasterLibrary assists districts in managing the demands/maintenance of all facilities/spaces districtwide to provide new efficiencies in facility administration/maintenance to achieve better management and a safer, more transparent environment for students, staff and the community. Learn more about MasterLibrary >