Insurance Claim Procedure

How to Process an Insurance Claim 

Rules for Processing Insurance Claims for damaged or stolen equipment

Claims are only for equipment purchased on behalf of the district by BOCES.

  • Claims must be submitted no later than 45 days from the date of the incident.
  • For stolen equipment claims must be accompanied by a police report.
  • For damaged equipment an email must be sent to the LHRIC MITs Lead requesting that an assessment of the damaged equipment be performed.  Once assessed the LHRIC MITs Lead will compose a reply to the email detailing the damage. 
  • For damaged equipment claims must be accompanied by the assessment email from the LHRIC MITs Lead and a memo on district letter head.  The memo must include the type of damage, when it occurred, location of the equipment, and a full listing of the equipment damaged. 
  • Claims must include serial numbers for all equipment.
  • An NPPR order must be entered for each claim (one per incident).
  • There is a $250 insurance deductible per incident that will be billed to the District when the replacement equipment is ordered.
  •  Claims not adhering to the above rules will be denied and the paperwork will be returned to the District.

 ** N.B. If a claim has been submitted to the insurance company via the LHRIC, the District may not submit a claim to the insurance company directly.  All paperwork and replacements will be processed via the RIC.