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The Instructional Technology department at LHRIC aspires to build a community of educational professionals through the exchange of ideas and to leverage creative and innovative use of technology in a global collaborative environment for the advancement of all learners.

We provide professional development for teachers and administrators that is differentiated for each learner, each classroom, each school, and district.  We aim to spark the innovation, creativity, reflection and enthusiasm for teaching and learning that brought them into education in the first pace.

Our approach to the professional development design ensures that experiences are scalable, replicable, relevant, and the experiences are fun!  We offer job embedded cohorts, online courses, workshops, webinars, professional learning communities, peer to peer sessions, on demand coaching, vendor run sessions,  and everything in between.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure each adult learner has the skills and requisite knowledge to effectively amp up their practice through the integration of technology resources.


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    Achieve3000 Literacy User Group

    Best Practices for Remote & Hybrid Learning with Achieve3000 Literacy User Group

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    LHRIC Instructional Technology
  • Virtual / TLI Live Keynote Event

    TLI: Virtual Keynote Series: Dr. Catlin Tucker

    TLI 2020 has gone Virtual. Join us for Keynote Speaker; Google Certified Innovator,
    bestselling author, and international trainer: Dr. Catlin Tucker.
    Keynote: Using Blended Learning Models to Design and Facilitate Learning for Concurrent Classroom



    LHRIC Instructional Technology
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    LHRIC Instructional Technology
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