Contact LHRIC Hardware and Physical School Security to learn about our services for troubleshooting hardware problems and for securing school campuses with state-of-the-art technology. We also provide districts with asset retirement needs.


 Craig Swanson

Our Hardware Repair Service gives you access to certified technicians who can be dispatched to your location to conduct on-site repairs. If more complicated issues are uncovered we have a shop setup to complete additional repairs. We offer authorized repair service for Apple®, Dell® and HP® brand computers and peripherals. We can also attempt repairs for Acer®, Apple®, Asus®, Dell®, HP® brand computers and peripherals, Smart® brand Smart Boards and Projectors, as well as other brands of Chromebooks, desktops, laptops, iPads, monitors, printers, projectors, tablets and portable devices that are no longer under warranty.

Warranty Computer Service
The LHRIC is an authorized Self Maintainer for the following manufacturers:

  • Apple® Computer
  • HP® Computers, Chromebooks and Printers
  • Dell® Computers, Chromebooks and Printers

Electronics Recycling IconThe LHRIC offers asset retirement for computer equipment to all districts regardless of where the equipment was purchased.*

To request a pick up of your school's end of life computers...

  1. Download the Asset Retirement Form.
  2. Follow the instructions on the form carefully to insure your request is expedited.
  3. Return the completed form by email to:


  • The form must not be hand written or returned as a fax or scanned document. 
  • You must provide the serial numbers for computers only.
  • Your contact information must be included for each pick up location.
  • The driver will call you or your alternate contact when he arrives at your school to complete the pick up. If the driver cannot contact you or your alternate contact when he arrives at your school, your pick up will be rescheduled. 

Pick up requests will take 1 to 4 weeks to be completed so please provide ample lead time.

On the day of the pickup, all the equipment must be located close to an exit (preferably at or on a loading dock), which is accessible by truck. 

There is no cost to the district for this service and we ask that you have 20 or more computers at each location before you request a pick up.

*Equipment purchased through the LHRIC MUST be retired through this procedure.


 Dan LoPresti

The LHRIC Security Service offers security-related technology solutions such as video cameras with image recording capabilities, door access control and visitor management systems. We offer analysis of your network infrastructure to ensure recommended technology solutions are possible. The service includes consulting, design, procurement, installation and ongoing school security systems support. Base Security Support participation is required to participate in additional School Security services.

Base Security Support
The Base Security Support Service provides your district with:
• An evaluation of your current physical security systems
• Recommendations to strengthen existing security hardware and software
• An analysis of existing network infrastructure
• Help Desk support, to manage system operations
• A Security Command Center that provides a private setting to train your staff on physical Security solutions, including how to configure and replay footage on Avigilon and Cisco systems. 

Access Control (Door Access) Security
The Access Control Security Service provides a system to unlock exterior entrances and interior doors that protect high value or sensitive locations. Access control is activated using proximity cards, key fobs, swipe cards, bar codes, or biometric readers. The system can be configured to control who may enter select doorways and can also limit the time of day staff and students may enter. 

IP Video Security
This service provides placement strategy, procurement and installation of IP Video Cameras for surveillance of school hallways, buildings and grounds. We provide a thorough evaluation for optimal camera placements, both inside and outside. Camera footage can be monitored in real time and recorded for playback. Integration with police or fire agencies is an option for this service.

Visitor Management
LHRIC Visitor Management system scans each visitor’s driver license or state-issued ID instantly against the national registered sex offender database. When a visitor is cleared, a temporary badge is issued with the visitor’s photo, name, and destination within the school building. The service helps schools keep unwanted visitors out and keeps track of all visitors who have entered the building.