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Contact LHRIC Hardware and School Security to learn about our services for troubleshooting hardware problems and for securing school campuses with state-of-the-art technology. We also provide districts with solutions to their copy and print requests and asset retirement needs.


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The Hardware Repair Service provides Warranty repair for Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell and HP brand computers and peripherals as well as  “Smart" brand Smart Boards and Projectors.  Non-warranty repair for these and other brands of Chrome-Books, Desktops, Laptops, iPad, Monitors, Printers, Projectors, Tablets,  and portable devices,  is also offered.  Trained and certified technicians are dispatched to the problem site and conduct on-site repairs or equipment removal for in-shop repairs.

Warranty Computer Service

The LHRIC is an authorized Self Maintainer for the following manufacturers:

  • Apple Computer
  • HP Computer and Chromebook
  • Dell Computer, Chromebook and Printer
  • HP Printer


The LHRIC Security Service offers security-related technology solutions such as video cameras with image recording capabilities, doorway access control, visitor management systems, identification badges, etc. When possible, technology solutions using the district’s existing resources and network infrastructure are provided. The service includes consulting, design, procurement of school security technologies, installation, and ongoing school security systems support. Different options are included within the service.

Base Security Service
The Base Security Service includes analysis of the District’s existing network infrastructure to support security systems, scoping and recommendation of additional needs, and procurement, installation, training, and ongoing Help Desk support. Also included is support for district technical staff who maintain district-based security systems and presentations by security experts on technologies, procedures, and methods that schools can adopt to keep their students safe.

Access Control (Door Access) Security
The Door Access Control Service provides perimeter security for exterior entrances, although, depending on need, interior doors may also be protected for high value or sensitive locations. The system may be accessed by several means, including proximity cards or key fobs, swipe cards, bar codes, or biometric readers.

ID card (Photo ID card) Security
ID cards, also known as Photo ID cards, are used to gain access to doors that are controlled by the Access Control Service, which provides perimeter security for exterior entrances as well as interior doors.

IP Video Security
This service provides an interior and exterior IP Video surveillance system for school district buildings and grounds. The system uses the district’s existing IP network infrastructure. Cameras may be monitored in real time from multiple locations; and playback of stored video is available as needed. If an event involves police or fire agencies, it is possible to link the system to agency vehicles and view real time images within the building from the vehicle.

Visitor Management
Visitor management systems help schools keep unwanted visitors out, while tracking those they allow in their building. Simply scan a visitor’s driver license (or other state issued ID) and the system instantly screens for registered sex offenders, domestic dispute offenders, and other trespassers. When a visitor is cleared, the software prints a badge with the visitor’s information and destination in the school building.

Command Center
The LHRIC Security Command Center offers districts the option to subscribe to remote monitoring and inspection of component districts IP Camera and Access control systems.  Daily System Status Monitoring is accomplished by visual inspection of hardware, as well as, system alerts received from the Health Monitor application.  The command center also provides a private setting for training on Avigilon and Cisco physical Security solutions.  

Asset Management and Retirement
The LHRIC offers asset retirement for computer equipment to all districts regardless of where the equipment was purchased. There is no cost to the district for this service and we ask that Districts have 20 or more computers at each location before requesting a pick up.

To request a pickup of your school’s end of life computers, download the Asset Retirement Form. Return the completed form by email to Recycle@lhric.org



Electronics Recycling IconThe LHRIC offers asset retirement for computer equipment to all districts regardless of where the equipment was purchased.*

To request a pick up of your school's end of life computers...

  1. Download the Asset Retirement Form.
  2. Follow the instructions on the form carefully to insure your request is expedited.
  3. Return the completed form by email to: recycle@lhric.org


  • The form must not be hand written or returned as a fax or scanned document. 
  • You must provide the serial numbers for computers only.
  • Your contact information must be included for each pick up location.
  • The driver will call you or your alternate contact when he arrives at your school to complete the pick up. If the driver cannot contact you or your alternate contact when he arrives at your school, your pick up will be rescheduled. 

Pick up requests will take 1 to 4 weeks to be completed so please provide ample lead time.

On the day of the pickup, all the equipment must be located close to an exit (preferably at or on a loading dock), which is accessible by truck. 

There is no cost to the district for this service and we ask that you have 20 or more computers at each location before you request a pick up.

*Equipment purchased through the LHRIC MUST be retired through this procedure.


Printer IconOur copy center provides high volume duplicating (black and white and color) and finishing services. Copying is available for:

  • calendars
  • newsletters
  • brochures
  • flyers
  • student ID cards
  • security paper documents
  • specialty K-12 documents and other publications. 

The copy center in Harrison is available only to districts in Southern Westchester. 

Districts currently covered: White Plains, Valhalla, SWBOCES

Copy Service requests are managed in the order they are received. Please provide 7 business days to process your printing request. All projects must be submitted via LHRIC Service Now in the form of a high quality PDF.  

We encourage you to provide us with your feedback and ask questions. Contact Brad LeBosse (914-347-6933) for pricing and questions about this service.