HR & Compliance Services

HR & Compliance Services

HR and Compliance Icon Keeping up with an ever-changing landscape of compliance can be a challenge for school districts. To support the HR departments and business offices, LHRIC offers both an ACA processing service and HR Employee Self Service systems. LHRIC offers Employee Self Service support as a module to a larger financial software package (nVision) and as stand-alone software (OptiGate). Operoo and SchoolFront have recently been added to streamline paperwork and repeating processes.

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ACA Processing

LHRIC offers a comprehensive ACA strategic plan, which complies with the law and matches your District’s needs. Our integrated technology uses data from your payroll & benefits carriers to track employee hours and produce IRS required forms 1095 & 1094. 

We offer hands on full ACA: Administrative and Financial Consultation Services using a web-based ACA solution, which can include: implementation plan compliance & policies, monitoring of ongoing salary, ongoing hourly, and all variable hour activity; tracking via monthly reports to prepare for Annual IRS reporting and audits; compiling of information for IRS reporting; PDFs of IRS form 1095s for applicable employees; and electronic filing of IRS form 1094.


Jay Dave
Manager - Financial Services
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Finance Manager nVision

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nVision Finance Manager and Module is a software that allows business offices the ability to manage finances, human resources, and other business operations. Partnered with the LHRIC, nVision has a multitude of features, including initial/ongoing training, workshops, user groups, telephone and occasional onsite support, a financial helpdesk, and meetings with TRS, ERS and IRS. As well, the LHRIC offers a comprehensive Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan in our generator powered facility, payroll, negotiations/bidding, budget projections, purchasing, accounts payables/ receivables, time management, GASB34 reporting modules, a new web based employee self-service portal, and more.  Learn more about nVision FinanceManager >


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Operoo aims to assist in automated processes and streamline workflow to reduce/eliminate paperwork to save time/money. With Operoo, districts can effectively manage operational processes annually for superior educational and supporting services from human resources all the way to policy management.  Learn more about Operoo >


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SchoolFront is a customizable web based software platform that provides school district employee management. Designed to reduce/eliminate paper in human resources and business offices processes, SchoolFront facilitates employee recruiting/ hiring, instructional/non-instructional employee assessment and development, general employee management, and can be integrated with or entirely replace inadequate legacy software systems. In conjunction with the LHRIC, related professional services, like solution architecture, training, and records scanning and digitization are offered.  Learn more about SchoolFront >



LHRIC offers FileBank for records and information management. FileBank’s range of services provides the methodical control of your district’s records throughout their lifecycle. The solution provides benefits in cost savings through: efficiency, regulatory compliance, disaster recovery, and reduced litigation risk. FileBank’s offerings include: paperless office systems, document management with workflow, hosted cloud computing (server & disk), online backup services, business intelligence analytics, records storage, indexing, scan on demand, document imaging, media storage and rotation,  document destruction, digital conversion of microfilm/microfiche & architectural plans, specialties document management ECM, workflow, analytics, cloud computing, physical & electronic storage of documents and antiquities, on-site purge services, books and architectural plans. Learn more about FileBank, Inc. >