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About Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus LogoInfinite Campus® provides districts with the comprehensive, integrated tools  needed to streamline K-12 student administration, enable stakeholder  collaboration and individualize instruction. It provides real-time access to administration, instruction, communication, curriculum, reporting and  analysis, data warehousing functionality, and more. The fully web-based Infinite Campus Student information System gives educators, parents and students access to information from anywhere at any time.

We help districts of all sizes implement Infinite Campus to enable success with teachers, administrators, students and parents. Infinite Campus delivers up-to-date technology with continuous product innovation and ongoing enhancements at no additional cost.


Integration of the tools needed to run your school procedures using a seamless web browser interface. Information such as district-wide census, enrollment, scheduling, attendance, grading, assessment, transcripts, health, discipline, special ed and much more is just a click away from any Internet-enabled device.

Inclusion of numerous administrative and instructional applications as well as complex processes such as scheduling, attendance and grading. These functions are simplified which results in efficient staff development, added accountability and overall cost savings.

Provides tools that make users more productive. Teachers use the integrated Campus grade book to plan lessons and report grades. Administrators use Campus to optimize schedules and print reports. Special Ed case managers use Campus to write IEPs and manage documents.

Any combination of data fields managed by Campus can be instantly analyzed to assess the effectiveness of programs, improve instruction, and identify at risk students. The ability for user to analyze, graph and export data in a straightforward and secure manner sets it apart from all other management solutions.

Enables parents and students to become active members in educational processes. In addition to viewing information, parents can complete electronic forms and be automatically notified via phone or email of events such as attendance and discipline. Students can register for classes online and check homework assignments.

Reduction in document creation, handling and storage costs with its integrated electronic document management system. Pre-formatted and custom electronic documents track information more accurately than traditional documents and speed information flow throughout the educational enterprise.

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Browser and System Requirements

Browser Supported Version
Internet Explorer IE 11.x
Chrome Campus supports the current and most recent previous version of Chrome
Firefox Campus supports the current and most recent previous version of Firefox


Browser Supported Version
Internet Explorer Safari 9.x
Chrome Campus supports the current and most recent previous version of Chrome
Firefox Campus supports the current and most recent previous version of Firefox


  Related Software Minumums
Adobe Flash Aobe Flash Player 10.x or higher is required for use of the Data Analysis tool on all Campus-supported platforms.
Adobe Reader Infinite Campus does not support the use of Adobe Reader on platforms that are not supported by the third-party product vendors
Java Version Standard Version 6 Update 12