About eSchoolData

eSchool Data logoThe eSchoolData system provides a robust knowledge management platform to effectively handle a school district’s information and administration requirements.  Built on an enterprise-grade, service-oriented architecture, eSchoolData is a fully integrated system that also can interact well with other applications. The LHRIC/eSchoolData team is at your service to help you streamline eSchoolData's wide range of functionality for all users, including:

  • District Administrative functions such as management of Demographics, Attendance, Discipline, Health, Special Programs, Lockers, and more.
  • Guidance modules include scheduling, management of graduation plans, and student portfolios.
  • Teachers utilize access Grading functions, Attendance, Class Roster, Assignments, Tests / Quizzes, and Standards.
  • The Reporting module processes all data centrally; either on demand or on a pre-scheduled basis, to provide pre-submittal edit checks and verification of the data, and also provides the ability to easily submit required Department of Education data via electronic transmission or data warehouse extraction.
  • The Parent Portal can provide access to a range of information to parents via the internet, encouraging a "go green" philosophy in the sharing of information.
  • A Student Portal is also available for use.
  • Integration with Assessments, APPR, Standards-based elementary report cards and much more.  

Browser and System Requirements

Minimum and Recommended System Requirements
To ensure that eSchoolData performs seamlessly, please adhere to the requirements listed in the chart below:

  Minimum Requirements  Optimal Requirements
(Teacher Connect minimum requirements) 
  PC Mac® PC Mac®
Operating System Windows® 7
Mac OS® (OS X)
Windows® 7
Mac OS® (OS X)
RAM 2048MB 2048MB 4096MB 4096MB
Resolution 1024x768 1024x768 1280x1024 1280x1024
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent Intel Core 2 Quad or equivalent Intel Core 2 Quad or equivalent
Internet Browser IE® 11.x or Edge  Safari™ 5.x IE® 11.x or Edge or
Google Chrome
Safari™ 6.x or
Google Chrome

For users on Windows computers, Internet Explorer® version 11 and Edge are supported in native mode. Please ensure that Compatibility Mode is not turned on at the browser level.

For users on Macintosh computers, Safari 5.x through Safari 6.x is supported. Mobile Safari on iOS 6+ is supported.

Google Chrome 27+ on Windows and Mac OS is supported. Recent past versions of Chrome should also provide good results for most users of eSchoolData.

Your browser must also support 128-bit encryption, and have Cookies and JavaScript enabled.

eSD® is optimized for best viewing with 16-bit color at 1280 x 1024 resolution. These settings ensure that all pages display properly.

Optimal requirements are strongly recommended for Gradebook usage.

Software Requirements
eSD® requires the use of the following third party applications:
• Microsoft Office® 2003, 2007 or 2010
• Adobe® Reader® (latest version)

Remote Access
The eSD® system is accessible from any location, assuming an Internet connection is available and browser requirements have been met. No hardware is required to allow users to access the system from school or from home.

The eSchool Data Team

Rita Kelly is the Project Manager of the LHRIC eSchoolData support team. Heading the team since its inception, Rita has coordinated the transition of many of our districts who formerly used SASI. Rita has a broad range of expertise in eSchoolData, has successfully completed the eSchoolData Level II Certification program, and is also certified as an eSchoolData Master Scheduler. Rita has received certification from Pace University's DDA/CIO program.

Anthony Perrone joined the LHRIC in 2008 and supports our eSchoolData Districts. Tony is also involved in extensive testing and research for districts using eSchoolData. Tony has successfully completed the eSchoolData Level II Certification program and has expertise in reporting tools and data analysis, and has also  completed the Infinite Campus Level I Product Knowledge certification and Technical certification.

John Rodriguez joined the LHRIC in July 2017 and provides customer support for districts using eSchoolData, Infinite Campus , and eSchoolPlus. He has successfully completed Infinite Campus Product Knowledge 1

Sejal Shah joined the LHRIC in 2008. Sejal is involved with testing and researching data for our eSchoolData and Infinite Campus districts. She has successfully completed Infinite Campus Product Knowledge I and  II, Support and SQL Accreditations, eSchoolData Support Certification and eSchoolData Master Scheduling Certification for Support Specialists.

Abby Simon joined the LHRIC in 2007 and provides customer support for districts using eSchoolData. Abby has successfully completed the eSchoolData Level II Certification program. Abby has also successfully completed Infinite Campus Level 1 Product Knowledge certification. 

Regina Haecker joined the LHRIC in 2019 and provides customer support for districts using eSchool Data.