About eSchoolData

eSchool Data logoThe eSchoolData system provides a robust knowledge management platform to effectively handle a school district’s information and administration requirements.  Built on an enterprise-grade, service-oriented architecture, eSchoolData is a fully integrated system that also can interact well with other applications. The LHRIC/eSchoolData team is at your service to help you streamline eSchoolData's wide range of functionality for all users, including:

  • District Administrative functions such as management of Demographics, Attendance, Discipline, Health, Special Programs, Lockers, and more.
  • Guidance modules include scheduling, management of graduation plans, and student portfolios.
  • Teachers utilize access Grading functions, Attendance, Class Roster, Assignments, Tests / Quizzes, and Standards.
  • The Reporting module processes all data centrally; either on demand or on a pre-scheduled basis, to provide pre-submittal edit checks and verification of the data, and also provides the ability to easily submit required Department of Education data via electronic transmission or data warehouse extraction.
  • The Parent Portal can provide access to a range of information to parents via the internet, encouraging a "go green" philosophy in the sharing of information.
  • A Student Portal is available for use.
  • Mobile App allows users to access many features from a Smartphone
  • Integration with Assessments, APPR, Standards-based elementary report cards and much more.  

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