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  • Webinar and PowerPoint now available from Friday's 1-20-17 CIO Meeting

    The Webinar Archive from Friday’s CIO Meeting is now available here:

    The PowerPoint is available as an attachment to this post.

    Data Services
  • Some Data Reporting and Certification Deadlines

    ▪      February 6 – CRDC collection tool for 2015-16 open for school district submissions (Jan 17th open for pre-populating)

    ▪      February 6  – (Anticipated Date) Open L0H for all years

    ▪      February 17: L1 scanning centers; 3-8 Math demographic and teacher data for CBT Schools Operational Testing only (Not Field Tests), must be loaded into L2 DW for the Operational Pre-ID File. Nextera pre-ID file layout for the L1s to send the nonpublic Excel file to L2

    ▪      Friday February 24- ePMF locked down to teachers

    ▪      Thursday March 2- Non-Teaching Staff Snapshot and Staff Assignment data due to L1

    ▪      Friday March 3 – ePMF data Certification in TAA

    ▪      Thursday March 23 - 2nd pull  for State Aid –focus on FRPL and ELL Programs

    Data Services

Upcoming Activities

  • ePMF locked for Teachers

    Deadline for teachers to submit data (complete ePMF forms)
    State Reporting
  • Non Teaching Staff Data Due

    Staff Snapshot and Staff Assignment data due to L1 for non-teaching staff.
    State Reporting
  • Supt Certification of ePMF in TAA

    ePMF Teacher data certified in the TAA system by Supt, BOCES, Charters.
    State Reporting
  • 2nd pull of BEDS Day Enrollment Data

    Data due to L1 @ 2:30pm. This is the 2nd extract of data SED will do for BEDS Data. Emphasis on FRPL and ELL program services.
    State Reporting
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