Data Warehouse Staff...

  • Collect and load district data to the State Information Repository System (SIRS) as required by NYSED. 
  • Provide data verification reporting to meet the needs of districts for State Reporting.
  • Provide customized data analysis reports and training to help school administrators, teachers with enhancing instructional curriculum and improving student performance.


  • Preliminary ELA and Math Reports Available as of: 06/04/2018

    We are pleased to provide you with preliminary 2018 ELA and Math Reports for this year’s State tests.  They are located under the “2017-18 School Year” tab in Level 1.  These reports provide raw scores (not scale scores).  NYSED has also released 75% of the test questions from ELA and Math and is available at:


    Data Analysis and Curriculum Reporting
  • New Login Page for Curriculum Reports:

    To get to the New Login page please click here:    "Curriculum Reports Login"   or see the link on the bottom right of this web page.

    Data Analysis and Curriculum Reporting
  • Curriculum Reports updated to new Hardware and Software

    Data Analysis and Curriculum Reporting
  • Curriculum Reports: 2017-18 School Year:

    January Regents detailed data is now available in the Curriculum Reports: “2017-18 School Year” tab under “Regents”:

    Data Analysis and Curriculum Reporting
  • The following Curriculum Reports: 3-8 ELA/Math reports are available:

    2.  Building Benchmark (Curriculum) Analysis (updated)

    3.1  Strength and Weaknesses

    3.2  Remediation Guidance

    4.1.3  ELA Grade 3-8 (Adam Brown)

    4.1.3  Math Grade 3-8 (Adam Brown)

    5.1  Grade 3-8 ELA/Math Compare to Other District(s)

    2016 to 2017 District and Building CC Skill Success Rates

    2016 to 2017 Student Percentile Rank Comparison in ELA & Math

    Data Analysis and Curriculum Reporting


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