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Print Service Request-
How to place print orders through LHRIC Service Desk

**Click to download a print version of the below instructions.


1.  Log into Service Now at

Screenshot- input username and password

2.  Click on “New Printing Service Request”.
 Screenshot- Print Service Request button 

3.  Fill out all necessary form information.

**Please note: areas with a red * are required fields.


4. Click “Add Attachment” button on the bottom of the page to upload PDF.

Screenshot- adding attachments

5. Click on “Choose Files” and browse to file location.

Screenshot- selecting attachments

6.  After attaching the file, click “Close” button.

7.  Click “Submit Request” button to submit the request.


**We encourage you to provide us with your feedback and questions. Please contact Brad LeBosse (914) 347-6933 for service inquiries.