22 Ways we can Connect in 2022

From teaching and learning to safety and security the LHRIC has you covered with "22" ways to help for 2022 and beyond!

For more information about any of the topics below, please reach out to your Account Manager

1. 3-year Tech Plans Due in '22

Did you know? The LHRIC provides a 1 hour consultation for your district in Technology Planning as well as templated guides and informational webinars to guide you through the process. Mark your calendar – Plans due APRIL 15TH, 2022.

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Technology Planning Webpage

2. Model Schools PD on Demand

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If you are starting the year with remote and/or hybrid instruction and can't attend a live webinar, why not take advantage of our Video on Demand library for quick "how tos.”

Model Schools Video on Demand Library

3. Video on Demand by Panopto

NEW! Panopto’s (formerly Ensemble) industry-leading video content management system can manage all your new and existing videos. Record content and create interactive quizzes, host live webcasts with automatic transcriptions and search content across videos and text.

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Check Out the Panopto Platform

4. Data Privacy and Security Website

Learn more about how LHRIC and RICone support Data Privacy and Security to comply with data protection guidelines, Education Law 2-d and Part 121 Regulations.

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Visit: https://riconedpss.org/

8. CIO Support

Head over to our state reporting webpage where our month by month task lists will equip you with everything you need to get through a year of data reporting.

Visit the State Reporting Webpage

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9. Are you Ready for MFA?

LHRIC is implementing Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) protocols using Okta, an app that simplifies the verification process with a push, text, or call.

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10. Inventory Tool in SNOW

Need to make a change or addition to your district Data Privacy Inventory Tool? Now you can submit a ticket in Service Now (SNOW).

Submit a Ticket to SNOW

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11. Disaster Recovery Service

Managing the finances of a school district during an emergency can be a real challenge. The LHRIC nVision Service offers a comprehensive solution to ensure operations continue.

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12. Workflow Management

NEW! LHRIC supports Operoo, a new tool that improves efficiency of operational processes. Operoo is designed to save time and resources by streamlining routine tasks with process automation and digital workflow management.

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Contact Student Services for more Information

13. Gone Phishing

 Phishing Emails  
Worried your staff is likely to click on sketchy links? DPSS can help you organize a Phishing Expedition powered by Infosec IQ

Visit the LHRIC DPSS Webpage

14. Attend a LHRIC User Group

Learn more about services, discuss issues with peers from other districts, and support learning in your district.

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Never miss a LHRIC event (view calendar, click subscribe button top left)

15. Attendance Management with TimePiece

Simplify and integrate time and attendance management with the Time Piece module for nVision Finance Manager. Capable of supporting complex pay practices, Time Piece also syncs with HR and Payroll – seamless and streamlined.

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19. Making School Stronger through Nutrition

NEW! LHRIC is adding TITAN — A LINQ Solution, the nation’s fastest-growing school nutrition software solution.

Check out TITAN’s website

 healthy school lunch 

20. Too Many Passwords?!

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LHRIC supports ClassLink: designed to simplify student login and file organization so your students can spend more time learning and less time wrestling with access.

Check out Classlink’s website

21. Employee Self Services (ESS)

Wouldn’t it save HR time if your staff had access to personal payroll, benefits, attendance tracking, and attendance balances? LHRIC supports the OptiGate module of FinanceManager’s nVision software. It does that and more.

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22. Online Registration – Coming Soon

LHRIC is adding PowerSchool Enrollment as a cloud-based registration management solution. The service includes online apps for admission, school choice, enrollment, student and staff registration, and more.

Learn More about PowerSchool Enrollment

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